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The vision of Janan schools: To educate and produce a holistic child who can thrive in a diverse world

Mission of Janan schools: To produce quality and innovative education to children with moral values set by society and religion to awaken self-conscience in a conducive environment. (Give quality education, good morals, innovative/trendy, God fearing, appropriate knowledge, skills and principles)

The Unique value/proposition: At Janan schools, we assure you of quality, innovation and moral values in your child.

Who We Are

About St. Janan Luwumu Schools

Janan schools community has been in service since 2003.The school started with one campus St. Janan Luwum in Kabalagala with the vision to provide quality but affordable education to the children of the community in Kabalagala and the neighborhood. St. Janan Luwum Kabalagala was named after the late Arch Bishop of Uganda Janan Luwum. St. Janan Luwum Kabalagala is a mixed day and boarding secondary school with both O and A level and the school has taught and shaped the future of countless.

After 10 years in service, St. Janan Luwum gave rise to Janan secondary school Bombo in 2013.

Janan SS Bombo is located in Nkondo- Kalule village 23 miles from Kampala city center along Kampala- Gulu highway. It is a mixed O & A level boarding secondary school. The need to provide a firm foundation for the required education standards, led to the establishment of Janan Nursery and Primary School in 2019.The time in service has been a blessing to Janan schools that we have progressively provided quality education to the greater focus on academics, moral values of our students, skills and developing their talents.Our committed staff in 3 schools has shaped the lives of countless scholars that have seen them succeed in all fears of the world after school. We are a religious based community and uphold God fearing.


What makes us Different?

    • Children first-in everything we do, we place learners first while we deliver high quality education service.
    • Responsibility – we endeavor to deliver what our stakeholders expect us. We wake sure we do what we are expected to do at the right time in the right place.
    • Equality – we are one family and believe in living as a community
    • God fearing – the fearing of God is the beginning of knowledge
    • Discipline – we instill a sense of good morals in our children.
    • Quality and innovation– we strive to pioneer new approaches to how we promote quality education.

What we Stand for!

We strive to excel

Janan Schools
The Bible has a positive view of education. In fact, even Jesus learned. Luke 2:52 says, ``And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.``
Luke 2:52
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